Of Land and Sea

Project: Wedding Stories
Client: Gorsha and Dasha

Anacapa Island Elopement

I’m simply an observer on this journey of yours. This intimate moment is a sacred story which you trust me to tell. So, let’s allow space for the story to come through and go adventure. So we did. It was Wednesday morning and the ocean was so incredibly still.

We headed out just after dawn to Anacapa Island and dolphins joined us to follow in our wake. Alan, accompanied us to offer a traditional Chumash Indian wedding ceremony at the foot of the old lighthouse. We had the entire island to ourselves and the atmosphere high up on those cliffs, far away from the mainland chaos was utterly liberating. Dasha grew up in a lighthouse in Russia and when she told me about their plans to seek out a remote lighthouse on the California coast for their elopement I just had to join them. I’ll not easily forget the look on Dasha’s face when she gazed up at the lighthouse from the boat.

elopement photographer Sarah Falugo   California Elopement Photographer    

When a couple invite me into their lives and tell me their story, I’m even better prepared to tell a story which really reflects them. Gorsha and Dasha, I had such a lovely time with you. From the moment you emailed me I knew you were going to elope not only in style, but with heart. When it came to photographing the day, I was able to pick up on so many subtleties because of what they had already told me. Gorsha for example, is an ex-figure skater (world champ in fact!): knowing this, I was able to look out for the way he outstretched his hand to Dasha and the way he held and supported her which just came as second nature to him. Knowing about Dasha’s love for architecture, light and shadow and of course, lighthouses; I was able to pay close attention to the way she looked at the light and shadow around the lighthouse, and the beautiful choice of dress which actually looked like a lighthouse itself. Such artistry all around – THIS is what its all about. Thank you for having me!