2021 will be the year of my 12th wedding anniversary .. and the 14th year of documenting weddings. So what’s the takeaway from having been witness to so many unions and fantastic celebrations?

The lesson is simple: to be present but don’t forego the timeless portraiture – just have a sensible timeline.

Contrary to popular belief, having an authentic event experience, where you can be truly present with your guests doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the top-quality, keepsake portraits you’re also striving for.

It’s a common misconception that you EITHER have to choose a photographer who is a great “fly on the wall” documentary maker, OR someone who is skilled at portraiture yet will demand you spend hours with them on the wedding day. You can absolutely have a well-rounded experience and all the results you’re looking for so long as you plan a weekend experience that allows for it.

When you’re with your guests then be with them, completely and utterly. This provides me with the best, best photography ingredients and allows you to actually celebrate. When we’re on a photoshoot, perhaps bring along a drink and make it a special “time out” for the two of you. On a multi-day commission, a great solution can be a few short shoots before each event in the days leading up to the wedding, and then on the wedding day itself, we can tailor the photoshoot length to your preferences, having already secured so much great content in the days prior.