Rated by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the Top Wedding Photographers in the World. Listed as a top photographer of the USA by Brides Magazine and Over the Moon.

“A really successful photograph should always stir some level of emotional response in the viewer. To elicit such a response I might draw on extreme drama and passion, while other moments might call for humor and looseness, or even a sense of quietude. Maintaining a fresh perspective on such a well-documented subject matter is what I’m always striving for. ”

CNN Interview “Finding the Perfect Shot” with Sarah Falugo

Sarah has become known for her unique take on the often overly prescribed genre of wedding photography by prioritizing timelessness and authenticity over current trends, yet still allowing for individual expression within each couples’ taste in fashion and design.

Sarah works with a host of private clients who value an editorial approach and crave refreshing results. Sarah’s work is regularly published by Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, among others.

Sarah is from Cornwall, England, and is based in Portland, OR. She returns to Europe several times every year.

Sarah proudly supports @Vowforgirls to help end child marriage. Please consider adding them as your wedding charity or linking your gift registry.