“In 2018 I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some extremely inspiring couples who have helped lift my work to new heights and encouraged me to challenge my own perception of exactly ‘what’ a wedding photograph and a bridal portrait should be. I’m working with such powerhouse brides who inspire me daily … it doesn’t do brides any justice to portray them in the stereotypical submissive way often seen on a wedding day.”

It’s part of my manifesto to re-write the interpretation of what it means to be a bride and/or groom and to be wed. Yes, we are beautiful but that is not where the story begins and ends: we are unique, we are powerful and we are forward thinking. ⠀

Wedding photographers … isn’t it time we stepped away from the exclusively demure representation of our brides looking quietly down at her bridal bouquet. Let’s make a point of being perceptive and allowing character and strength of spirit to shine through in our images. I’ll be talking more about our duties of representation in my masterclass series when it launches soon. Stay up to date by following @sarahfalugoweddings and I promise I’ll load some content on there very soon!